Nightingale Advertising & Publishing is a revolution in itself in signage businesses in Abu Dhabi. Our high-quality illumination makes the LED signals program the perfect & superior signage resolution immediately accessible. This process is thus cost effective, thus with substitute prices solely on each H or extra years and low electrical payments, and the buy is at reasonable costs. You can acquire our services for your project sign and make it more attractive!

You should choose our signage services because of the following-

  • Up to 80% less power consumption than most standard lighting merchandise
  • Operates at P levels above room temperature, thus decreasing the chance of fire
  • Easy installation: offers a fast and a straightforward plug and go system
  • Power and environment-friendly:  with no wasted mild or warmth and hence these are economic
  • Durable: These LED lights have a low upkeep report and these are not easily interrupted, smashed or damaged. Hence, the delivery prices are tremendously decreased
  • Long life: up to 50,000 hours life, which is approximately H years
  • These have an aggressive edge with better curb enchantment
  • These have attractive display, thus enabling the showcase of various eye-catching ads, both during the day and night
  • Their qualities will improve your corporation income from 15%-150% inside your first 12 months

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